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Guarantee Insurance becomes the new favorite of industry



2018 is the network loan platform to complete the registration of the key period, in accordance with regulatory requirements, unable to complete the filing platform must exit, so the need for investors more cautious than in previous years. After all, net loan investment and general consumption behavior is different, a little careless will suffer huge loss.

In the prohibition of the risk of preparation for payment, to the first exchange, the performance guarantee insurance began to become the new favorite of the network loan industry, it is one of the few platform options, but also the majority of investors recognized.

Risk reserve line, to the new trend December 13, 2017, Peer-to-peer network loan risk special rectification work issued by the Office of the leadership of the "Peer-to-peer Network lending risk special rectification and acceptance of the work of the Notice" (57th) clearly said: "The risk of gold and credit agencies of the information intermediary positioning is inconsistent, should be gradually digested, The size of the compression risk reserve.

” In addition, in the financial sector, there is a long-standing call to exchange, but to break the good wishes of the new is often frustrated, the reasons behind are manifold, attracting investors to invest and protect the interests of investors are important reasons.

The network loan industry is required to cancel the risk of payment, is largely due to reduce the platform's own risk considerations. And for investors, just like a "talisman", with it, investment is guaranteed. After the policy calls for the cancellation of risk and payment, some investors may find it difficult to accept, and some will say: "Without payment, how can the platform guarantee the interests of our investors?" There is no guarantee who dares to lend his hard-earned money to people who don't know or know?”

"The cancellation of risk preparation is less of a security guarantee for investors, especially for risk-averse investors, but it is a general trend to go," the industry said, "In fact, there has been a dispute over the existence of a guaranteed risk,be stopped can see the regulation layer again stressed the network loan Platform information intermediary status. It is understood that the regulation issued by the document also pointed out that "all localities should actively guide the network lending institutions to take the introduction of third-party security and other means to protect the lender."

"This means that both the risk reserve, the risk provision or the Warranty Service fund are found to be" illegal "and the only viable option is" third party guarantees "or" performance guarantee insurance "guarantees.

Performance guarantee Insurance becomes the new favorite of net loan industry Recently, the Internet Financial Integrated Service Platform Chongfu issued a notice, following the cooperation with state-owned insurance company Taiping Property Insurance Co., Ltd. to provide platform users with a one-year loan performance guarantee insurance, the Chinese People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. also joined the Chongfu Platform Performance Guarantee insurance scheme.

At the same time, two state-owned insurance companies provide performance guarantee insurance for Chongfu platform users.

The performance guarantee insurance is a promise of the insured (i.e. the creditor) of the insurance company to the performance guarantee insurance, if the insured person (i.e. the debtor, the net loan platform means the borrower) does not fulfill the repayment obligation according to the contract or the law, the insurance product that the insurance company undertakes the compensation liability according to the investors in the network loan platform with performance insurance investment projects, if the project is overdue or bad debts, according to the policy, the insurance company will provide investors with investment risk protection, within the scope of the policy agreed to pay compensation principal and interest obligations.

The guarantee insurance for the net loan platform, because involves the net loan core risk, to the net loan platform as well as the user, all is a kind of "the assurance", therefore has been the network loan platform and the investor's attention. Recently, regulators have tried to regulate the business cooperation between insurance companies and the network loan platform. In this regard, the industry is expected to be more and more network loan industry and insurance companies in the performance insurance cooperation, through this form to complement the prohibited risk reserve, to form another set of safeguards mechanism.

According to the net loan home statistics, at present at least more than 10 insurance companies have participated in the Network loan performance guarantee insurance business, including days of insurance, China Insurance, Chang ' an insurance cooperation platform number more.
"P2p+ Insurance" development space is huge It is worth affirming that, as China's Internet financial industry more and more development trend, network lending, consumer finance, Internet payments, large data finance, whether in the market size, or user groups will enter a fast and steady growth channel.

Also means that the Internet Financial policy environment, regulatory environment, market trends, and other opportunities for the insurance industry may have just begun. According to the net loan house before the statistics, including not yet on line but has signed a cooperation with the insurance company of the network loan platform, accounting for the entire network credit industry, the proportion of normal operating platform is only 0.9%, the performance guarantee insurance related items volume and net loan industry 200 billion yuan per month turnover data, there is a relatively large space for development.

Relevant data also shows that the property insurance industry front platform and network loan platform performance guarantee insurance business cooperation participation, there is a lot of room for improvement, can only say that many have the strength of the insurance companies are still in the rectification of the net loan industry has remained a wait-and-see attitude.
However, there are also industry experts pointed out that the company's cooperation platform screening is very strict, in terms of asset quality, wind control strength and so on have strict standards, only the strength of the platform will be the opportunity to cooperate with the insurance company. On the whole, the cross-border cooperation between internet finance and insurance industry has not only benefited the benign development of internet finance, but also created a new blue sea market for insurance industry.

Although there are still some deficiencies in the market, but the network lending industry more open, transparent, self-discipline, compliance of the security system can be expected, the new growth point of insurance company business is also emerging.

Source: Qilu one point 2018-03-19

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