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CPIC issued the first "corporate personnel overseas Security Insurance" policy



Recently, CPIC issued the first "corporate personnel overseas Security Insurance" policy in Shaanxi, to meet the current domestic market for "go out" enterprises to protect the real needs of their overseas employees, for enterprises abroad to provide all-round personal health and safety protection.

Along with the steady progress of the construction of "all the way", the overseas security risk becomes the topic that every overseas construction enterprise directly faces and attaches great importance to, in the face of the increasing demand for the safety and security of foreign personnel, the CPIC fully docking national strategy, and actively research and development of overseas security insurance for compared with similar products on the market, CPIC launched the product coverage of the scope of a wide range of applications, and provide a strong overseas service support, covering the security of the various types of enterprise risk, and effectively reduce the "go out" of the worries of our enterprises, "all the way" to build a healthy Silk Road to provide strong support.

Source: Business Daily  2018-04-21

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