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JD Finance adds source power to Internet insurance



When the traditional insurance industry encountered the Internet, not only to provide users with a richer variety of insurance products and convenient purchase channels, but also to promote the rapid development of the entire insurance industry. According to the "2017 Insurance intermediary Industry Report," the current annual Internet coverage has exceeded 10 billion, the growth rate of three consecutive years more than 100%.

As an important participant of Internet insurance, JingDong financial insurance relies on the ability of large data and risk management to provide users with a better service experience through precision marketing and intelligent service, and improve the operation efficiency of insurance industry. At the same time, Beijing-east financial insurance and including China Life, Chinese insurance and China peace and other more than 120 well-known insurance companies to establish a cooperative relationship, in providing more in line with the needs of users of insurance products, but also constantly for users to popularize the basic knowledge of insurance.

Convenience, touchable to make insurance more technology

In the 2018 report on the government's work, there were as many as 13 references to "insurance", which were mainly concerned with the livelihood of the public, such as social endowment insurance, medical insurance and sickness insurance.

Insurance industry new "State 10 Clause" shows that the 2020 depth of insurance to reach 5%, the insurance density reached 3500 yuan/person. This and the CIRC published data there is a certain gap, at the end of 2016 the National Insurance depth of 4.16%, the National Insurance density of 2258 yuan/person. From the data point of view, the insurance industry still has great potential has not been excavated.

In the face of such market space, insurance companies "have fallen love on" the Internet platform, and the Internet insurance using large data groups to analyze the advantages, so that insurance can be more scene, customized way to bring more comprehensive protection for the people's livelihood, but also for the development of insurance industry to add a source of power.

To address industry needs and user pain points, only with mobile phone can be convenient operation, Jingdong financial insurance through the JingDong system of electricity and financial data and the system of Third-party data combined to form a unique large data system, mining, meet and guide user needs, intelligent and accurate service to enhance the efficiency of the insurance industry, To solve the pain point of contact between the insurance company and the end user, and provide a new insurance experience, such as convenient purchase, speed claim, home service, etc.

In the Jing-Dong financial app insurance channel, health insurance, auto, life insurance, accident risk and other insurances among them, insurance companies to change the model, through the Jing-Dong financial insurance provided by the operating capacity and customer management capabilities, and further enhance the business performance of the insurance company.

Rights and interests education, to make users more understand insurance

Since the official operation in 2015, Jingdong Financial insurance also attaches great importance to the protection of users ' rights and interests, has always adhered to the user to popularize the basic knowledge of the insurance industry, to help users select the most suitable for their own situation insurance products. In Jingdong Financial app's insurance channel has "knows the insurance" the section, through the user angle of view as well as to the insurance product detailed introduction, provides the rich insurance knowledge for the user.

In addition to the "appropriateness" education of insurance products, in 2018, the high season of influenza, Beijing-East financial insurance in time to introduce the user insurance strategy, to the topic of influenza for users to popularize medical insurance and social security knowledge, including how to make social security, medical insurance, ailing insurance and other forms of mutual complement, how to participate in a more cost-effective and other content, Give users a deep understanding of the type of insurance products and the protection they need.

Jingdong Financial insurance through technical innovation and cooperation to expand, continue to introduce more users with the needs of insurance products, in order to provide users with more convenient and intelligent Insurance service experience, but also allows users to recognize the insurance industry at the same time enjoy exclusive services. At the same time, Beijing-East finance is through large data and wind control capabilities, to help insurance companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, so that Internet insurance to further accelerate development.

Source:   2018-03-17