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Aisidi initiated the establishment of insurance agency, brokerage company



Recently, Aisidi (002416,SZ) issued a notice, to be with the holding subsidiary Shenzhen Love Insurance Technology Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aisidi technology) jointly invested in the establishment of Jiangxi Eschde Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aisidi agent)

The final approval and approval of the relevant State departments and approved the name of the company and Jiangxi Eschde Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Love Strickland Broker, the provisional name, final approval and approval of the relevant State departments).

Among them, Aisidi agent and Eschde Broker to draw up the registered capital is 50 million yuan, Eschde as one of the initiators of both, holding two 95% of the equity.

"Daily economic news" reporter noted that since 2017, the insurance intermediary licence has been more and more sought after by capital, according to incomplete statistics, 2017 to date, 40 insurance intermediaries have been approved, and another 10 or so listed companies issued a notice, to be established or acquired through investment in the form of insurance intermediary areas.

The registered capital is 50 million yuan.

According to the Eschde notice, at the fourth session of the Board of Directors 13th (provisional) Meeting, the adoption of the "on the proposed with the holding subsidiary Shenzhen Technology Information Services Co., Ltd. jointly invested in the establishment of Jiangxi Eschde Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd." and "
On the proposal of establishing Jiangxi Aisidi Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. jointly with the holding subsidiary Shenzhen Technology Information Service Co., Ltd. The announcement shows that the registered capital of Eschde agents and Eschde brokers is 50 million yuan, and Eschde and Aisidi technology are funded by their own funds, the amount of capital and the share of the shares. Among them, the Eschde capital 47.5 million yuan, holds 95% equity interest, the insurance technology investment 2.5 million yuan, holds 5% shareholding.

The above business is ultimately subject to the approval of the relevant departments and registration in the industry and commerce administrative departments. Aisidi says insurance services are an important part of financial services. The establishment of insurance agencies, the establishment of links between insurance companies and policy holders of the bridge, will have a selection of insurance products to serve the downstream customers.

The establishment of insurance brokerage company is from the customer demand, tailored insurance products, at the same time for customers to choose the right insurance products to provide professional services. It is reported that Eschde is committed to become based on intelligent terminal + finance + Internet + Services of the most valuable supply chain service providers, to create "production + integration" of the new O2O business model, the formation of dual-engine development strategy.

Industry giants accelerate layout insurance intermediary

"Daily economic news" reporter notes that since 2017, with the tightening of supervision, insurance license approval tightened, for a time, the integration of insurance sales, products and claims resources of the insurance intermediary license to become a sweet pastry.

According to the reporter not complete statistics, 2017 issued the establishment of insurance intermediaries listed companies have 10 or so, the new Sanbanxi also has a number of companies issued bulletin layout Insurance intermediary field. Despite the road, some internet giants, automobiles and other industry giants have entered the insurance intermediary market in different ways. Baidu Financial through its subsidiary company Baidu Peng Atlas Asset Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. wholly-owned Heilongjiang province Longjiang Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd, which is also Baidu's first insurance license; Tencent holding 57.8% of the micro-People Insurance Agency Limited approved by the CIRC, one months after the relevant products online

Alibaba, through the small micro-financial Services Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang ants (Alipay) got an intermediary license-Hangzhou Insurance Agent Co., Ltd. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, 32 insurance intermediaries were approved, among them, 20 insurance brokerage companies, 11 insurance agencies, insurance assessment Company 1. Into the 2018, the industry giant layout of the insurance intermediary license to accelerate the pace.

According to the daily economic news reporter statistics, since 2018, 14 have won the insurance intermediary licence, behind the shareholders covered by the U.S. Regiment, Geely Group, Inner Mongolia Electric power and other industry giants, insurance intermediaries shareholder structure is a pluralistic trend, social capital is infiltrated into the insurance intermediary industry, and the strength of shareholders are strong. "With China's economic growth, there are more and more people with insurance awareness, at home, the demand for insurance is soaring, the market is big enough, imagination is very big, is a very chaoyang industry." "Small umbrella insurance chairman Xu Xian to the daily economic news reporter, said traditional insurance companies, only sell their own products, but in fact, each insurance company has its own expertise and strengths, in a certain area of the product will be particularly good, and consumer demand is diverse, to choose the best products,must be a combination of many insurance products.

Zhu Junsheng, deputy director of insurance research at the Institute of Financial Research at the Development Research Center of the State Council, also told reporters that innovation, focus, market segments need more professional institutions to participate, coupled with the trend of production and marketing separation, will bring good development opportunities for insurance intermediaries, which is also the capital to enter the insurance intermediary market The so-called aggravating, in fact, competition, can improve market efficiency, protect the interests of consumers, is generally good.

来源:Daily Economonic News 2018-03-20