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premium flow + go into insurance chain become key motivation for captive investing insurance intermedia



In recent years, the insurance intermediary market unprecedented hot, especially more than 2017 years of internet giants began to enter the insurance intermediary market, become a major indicator of market warming.

First, Tencent, Baidu and other internet giants to take the license, after the U.S. regiment, Geely and other new players, and has been listed companies issued a notice to launch the establishment of insurance intermediary companies. It is worth mentioning that these launched the insurance intermediary Company's shareholders are different, textile enterprises, automobile enterprises, internet Platform, pharmaceutical industry enterprises, these seemingly and insurance business "irrelevant" enterprises, have trans to enter the insurance industry, what is the motive?

In this respect, there are insiders told the "Daily Economic news" reporter, relying on the scene, flow and the use of industrial cooperation to develop upstream and downstream extension of insurance business, is the internet giant and the main reason for cross-border insurance industry. A number of insurance intermediary practitioners to reporters that the insurance intermediary market, although larger, but want to do deep still need time.

For example, the introduction of professional talent, to find the right positioning, with the insurance company good cooperation and interaction.
Two types of enterprises are keen on insurance intermediaries "The capital of the layout insurance intermediary mostly has the advantage of the scene, the sale channel, or has the data superiority."

Ma Yi, chief strategic researcher of the insurance broker, told the Daily economic news reporter that insurance, as an important part of the financial industry, can help the capital to complete the scene, flow and data, on the other hand, the combination of insurance and scene can also promote the development of its main business.

The daily economic news reporter has combed the capital which enters the insurance intermediary domain, discovered two kinds of enterprises are keen on the insurance intermediary. Specifically, the first category is the internet giants mainly shareholders. The purpose of these shareholders ' entry into the insurance intermediaries is to attempt to build an insurance platform based on online traffic, which is usually said to be the flow of liquidity.

Zhu Junsheng, deputy director of insurance research at the Financial Research Center of the State Council's Development Research Centre, said to the daily economic news for the Internet enterprises that accumulate large flow resources such as the United States Regiment, the intermediary license can be used to develop the resources, realize the integration of the incremental service and the existing service, and meet the insurance demand of the consumption scene.

The use of the flow of cash, which in the Internet giant's movements and official stance can also be seen in the clue. U.S. group related officials said that the Internet insurance market prospects, huge potential, the United States to review more than 600 million users, the annual active buyers more than 330 million, more than 4.5 million partners, covering 2,800 cities, counties, districts, so the United States to provide users with insurance value-added services.

And Tencent's micro-insurance business, on the line, but also by the attention of all parties and sought after, become "net red" products. Small Umbrella insurance Chairman Xu Xian introduced, the United States every year about 10% of users through the network online purchase insurance, up to 61% of consumers will be through the Internet to carry out insurance-related information search, and the United Kingdom as early as 2004, the proportion of net sales insurance and home insurance has reached 41% and 26% respectively.

From this point of view, China's Third-party network insurance channels still have a lot of room for improvement. And the second type of shareholders to enter the insurance intermediary field is mainly traditional enterprises, these enterprises into the insurance intermediary field is to open up the industrial chain upstream and downstream, to achieve business synergy.

The most representative of the Geely Group, which recently got an insurance intermediary licence, as an automobile manufacturer, after successfully getting the insurance intermediary license, it is possible to provide value-added services such as car insurance in the sale of automobiles, through insurance, claims services, can run through the user's entire vehicle (accident repair, maintenance) life cycle, is to build a host plant, 4S shop,an important link between insurance companies and customers can even sell short-term or long-term life insurance.

"Many car manufacturers have insurance agency licences, the main starting point is to be able to agent-related insurance business, and its main business to form a complementary." Zhu Junsheng said that the pharmaceutical enterprises take the insurance intermediary licence is also the case, compared to the traditional intermediary, such intermediaries with unique advantages of shareholders, can use the advantages of shareholders in the main business, the integration of insurance into its customers integrated services.

In addition, the industry believes that the regulatory tightening of insurance licences and the rapid development of insurance intermediary industry, but also to promote the capital distribution insurance intermediary one of the reasons. "Insurance company licences are difficult to obtain, especially under the current strict regulatory posture." The threshold for intermediary licences is much lower, which is why many enterprises that do not have insurance licences to enter the intermediary market first.

"Zhu Junsheng to the daily economic news," the reporter said. As for the insurance intermediary industry itself development, in recent years, insurance intermediary channel premium income has gradually risen, from 2012 to 1.28 trillion yuan to 2017 years ago three quarter of 2.68 trillion yuan, up to 110%.

At the end of the three quarter of 2017, our insurance intermediary realized the total premium income of 2.6837 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.5%, accounting for the total premium income of 87.6%.

Lack of professional talent restricts development In the capital actively into the insurance intermediary, some public opinion that the insurance intermediary sector facing shuffle.

But in the exchange with the industry, the daily economic news reporter found that the insurance intermediary practitioners of the spoiler's view is more objective, in the affirmation of capital to the insurance intermediary industry changes, but also pointed out that its as "new" will face the difficulties and challenges.

Industry insiders said that from the perspective of intermediary industry development, the current insurance sales industry competition is still in a more closed state, competition means there is a lot to improve the space.

The addition of the third party internet giants will bring new thinking and new possibilities for the industry, which can promote the brand value of the whole insurance intermediary industry and bring positive influence to the industry upgrade and integration. BAT, for example, is a good thing for the industry as a whole.

BAT is more of the use of data, the Internet itself more embodied in the promotion of efficiency, the derivation of new ecological environment, but far from subverting the existing insurance model. In addition, the industry also pointed out the challenges faced by the capital into the bureau. "Insurance is a financial commodity with a strong professional nature, in particular, the product customization, risk control, sales transformation and customer service, which are closely integrated with scene and data, require professional ability support, while there are few professionals with deep understanding of capital and insurance, which will be a certain degree of difficulty in Cross-border capital operating insurance, Also test the patience of the capital side.

Ma Yi said in an interview with the Daily economic news. Li Xiaoying, executive vice president of Insurance services and CEO of Fast Guarantee technology, also said that the logic of insurance intermediaries and insurance companies is different, intermediary exists value, it is not just a licence. It will increase the efficiency of the degree of specialization, and even the entire technology platform will have a high demand.

China is now a professional intermediary of the talent is also very scarce, this is the entire industry is facing a challenge. In fact, how to provide services is also a key concern of the industry. Xu Xian that the insurance intermediary is mainly the selection of good products to users, how to understand the real needs of users, need a large number of research users, if the market and products do not understand, it is difficult to get user trust. Intermediary as a service organization, how to better provide services, reflect their own value, to the customer's additional value is what, these are need to think about. "At present, the Internet insurance products are homogeneous, competitive, how to find their own advantages and play out, it is necessary to think."

Xu Xian further indicated that how to establish good relations and support with the insurance company needs the accumulation of cooperation. Industry insiders pointed out that for insurance intermediaries, need to establish their own clear market positioning and development planning.
Only by promoting the professional nature of the insurance intermediary, focusing on the intermediary business of complex products and improving the technical level of risk management, can we match the sales channels of insurance companies, improve the adhesion between customers and insurance companies, and become an integral part of the insurance industry chain.

The starting point of the insurance intermediary, whether positioned in the service or in the technology, is inseparable from the most essential core-value. Only by creating the value they need for the user will we be able to recognize the services we offer and the technologies we use. "In a forum, the new station insurance network general manager Trintli said."