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Sweet Orange Insurance Xian unveiled, China Telecom internet Financial Ecological circle to be improve



On March 18, held in Xian, "compliance innovation, protect the beautiful!" --2018 Insurance Technology Forum and the first XI ' an high-tech zone Insurance Technology Summit ", China Telecom sweet Orange Financial under the Orange Insurance (Shaanxi China and Hengtai Insurance Agency Co., Ltd.) to" Beginner's mind? Birth "as the theme of the official debut, in the insurance technology industry has attracted much attention.

It is reported that the Sweet Orange insurance under China Telecom Sweet Orange Finance, is the first by the telecom operators wholly-owned insurance intermediary platform. 2018 years from now, there have been 6 insurance intermediaries with a decent background. As early as 2017, the bat-led internet giant is directly or indirectly in the form of an insurance intermediary license.

It is easy to see that, with the rapid development of business and the tightening of supervision, China's well-known enterprises in recent years the interest in the insurance industry is rising. It is understood that in 2017 China Telecom also quietly completed the initial layout of insurance, its sweet orange finance through the acquisition of restructuring Shaanxi and Hengtai Insurance Agency Limited to obtain the National Insurance Agency license, and in early 2018 officially licensed operation. In the past year, the Orange has been a preliminary test of water, through a variety of insurance technology, together with the insurance companies cumulative precision touch up to 34 million users.

This time, the Orange insurance to borrow 2018 Insurance Technology Forum of the official release, also means that China Telecom Group Strategic transformation and upgrade of the five business ecological circle-the establishment of the Internet financial Ecological circle further.

It is understood that the orange financial as the core of the "Internet Financial Ecological Circle" has become the strategic transformation of China Telecom, one of the five 3.0, and the appearance of the Orange insurance will be China Telecom "internet financial Ecological Circle" Business section of the important improvement. According to the public information, the Sweet Orange Finance already has the ultra 450 million users, among them average monthly account active user number exceed 35 million, at the same time supports more than 4 million merchant and on-line under the line consumption scene, the annual turnover breakthrough 1.5 trillion yuan. And for the Orange, backed by China Telecom, sweet Orange financial customization scene, technology platform, massive user aggregation and precision touch ability and intangible goodwill, can be said that unique resource advantages.

At the same time, in the science and technology support, according to the Orange technology director, the Orange has been around artificial intelligence, large data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other cutting-edge technology and insurance business of the combination of in-depth research and reserve. It is noteworthy that this "debut" Orange Insurance also released a variety of personal and enterprise users, unique carrier characteristics of the product. For individual users, Orange Insurance introduced the bank card funds security, wing payment account security, broken screen insurance, communication fraud insurance, all kinds of property insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and so on, for enterprise users, the introduction of small micro merchant insurance, and telecommunications scene with the depth of the intelligent network Equipment insurance, product quality liability insurance.

Orange insurance is through the "Insurance + communication + payment" across the scene integration, to achieve "Tianyi + insurance" two-way differentiation, benefiting "telecom + Wing Payment" billion users and millions of merchants. Tianyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Deputy general manager, Sweet Orange Insurance general manager, said at the scene: "As China Telecom layout of the strategic section of Internet insurance, sweet orange Insurance in response to supervision, service people's livelihood, sharing resources, cooperation and mutual win concept, is committed to creating an Internet insurance technology platform with operator characteristics. ”

Source: China News Agency  2018-03-20