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CIRC: To strengthen the monitoring of small insurance claims



China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued the "2018 Protection of consumer rights and interests" notice, will strengthen the small insurance claims monitoring, guide the insurance company to further simplify claims processing, reduce claims type, promote the paperless, and timely implementation of data authenticity on-site inspection,
The emphasis should be on increasing the inspection and exposure of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
In view of the typical problems that damage the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, to increase the law and order violations, continue to "Liang Jian", the organization carried out "precision strike action", grabbed a bit, check deep check through, adhere to the "strict word", strict regulation, from quick treatment, from the responsibility, play a warning and deterrent effect. Notification requirements, strengthen the insurance small claims monitoring. Enrich and perfect the insurance Small Claims service monitoring index, enhance the timeliness, pertinence and binding force of the monitoring work, instruct the insurance company to simplify the claim process further, reduce the type of claim documents, promote the paperless, and carry out the on-site inspection of the authenticity of the data. The notice is clear, should highlight transparency supervision, continue to urge the insurance company to strengthen to the insurance consumer rights related information disclosure, timely exposure insurance companies, insurance employees dishonest behavior. We should strengthen the main responsibility of the insurance company to safeguard the consumers ' rights and interests, and urge the insurance company to improve the insurance service quality. Through the upgrade management system, strengthen the complaint notification, strengthen the complaint evaluation and prevent the group incident risk and so on to standardize the insurance consumption complaints processing work.