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Chung an Insurance to enter medical finance



March 19, Chung an online property Insurance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health, the Big Healthy Cloud Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Medicine Cloud Health") announced in Shanghai, the two sides will be in medical finance, health insurance, medicine and new retail three major areas of comprehensive strategic cooperation.

According to the agreement, the public will be the health of the DTP Pharmacy network members to provide a phased purchase of medicine services to help ordinary patients to solve the one-time purchase pressure.

At the same time, the two sides intend to focus on continuous innovation in the field of pharmaceutical financial services, create differentiated competitive advantages, and focus on insurance, consumer finance, customer management and other fields to carry out comprehensive and in-depth business cooperation.

The conference site, the two sides also on the public security subsidiaries of the small loans and Shanghai pharmaceutical company magnesium Letter Health to set up a joint venture company. This time with the medicine cloud health to reach strategic cooperation, is a consumer financial ecology in the joint venture business model to explore, with the vertical head of the enterprise joint operation, through the public health and ecological partners of the socialization of energy, to the consortium to provide financial services, insurance technology, large data wind control capabilities, to meet the financial needs of the Consortium's users and scenarios.

Source: Shanghai Financial Daily 2018-03-19