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Based on block chain to build Sea Amoy Insurance Service platform



Recently, the Internet Sea Amoy Insurance Service platform "Bean sandbags" announced the company completed in November 2017 Tens pre-a round of financing, from the letter to create investment, Huashan capital and investment.

Previously, the project had been preangel millions of angel rounds of investment.
"Bean bag" mainly provides the basic service of risk protection for the trans-boundary electric business Ecological Circle, from the Cross-border import of the sea Amoy into the market, covering the electric business platform, Logistics, supply chain and consumers, such as cross-border electrical business chain.

The team launched the Cross-border Electric business eco-insurance, through the large data-driven risk management system and AI machine learning algorithm dynamic risk pricing model, as well as AI Intelligent claims technology, research and development of innovative insurance products, and with the insurance company to cooperate in the landing of products and regulatory reporting.

Products through the Internet to complete real-time quotes, insurance, fixed loss and claims the entire closed-loop process, to achieve Cross-border electricity import and export of massive, fragmented and short-term orders to deal with the entire flow of protection, products covered by the credit guarantee category, logistics Protection category, customs clearance, after-sale protection category of multiple dimensions.

In addition, "Bean sandbags" also based on the Echain crossborder ecommerce protocol protocol developed the "insurance + traceability + block chain" platform, hoping to create a coverage of cross-border electrical products traceability system and the whole process of the insurance system, so that the insurer and the insured between the consumption of intermediate links , the information is transmitted directly through the block chain, which makes the information true, transparent and credible.

Based on the intelligent contract can realize automatic insurance and claims, insurance information and claims information in the chain is not tamper with, avoid false insurance, cheat insurance phenomenon appears.

According to the "Bean sandbags" introduction, cooperative merchants docking Echain block chain agreement, in the product production link will be product information from the chain of production link storage, the Merchant side (manufacturers, stores, logistics, warehouses, customs clearance channels, etc.) according to the requirements of the labeling products flow information uploaded to the chain, insurance companies through the chain to obtain insurance information after , return the underwriting information (including the electronic policy).

"Bean sandbags" through the label management technology, do "one thing a sign", through the distributed accounting technology for storage, logistics information in the Logistics link update. After receiving the product, the consumer scans the label on the product package to see all the relevant information on the chain (production information, logistics information, insurance information, etc.). In the event of loss within the scope of coverage, the claims can be submitted to the chain through the claim entry, which then triggers the claim loss process.

Each section information through the Primary Key Association, has the uniqueness, can effectively prevent the label to be pasted, the information disorder phenomenon. Through the block chain traceability combined with genuine insurance, logistics insurance and after-sale insurance, the third party of large insurance companies to do risk underwriting.

According to the introduction, "Bean sandbags" has been with the global hundreds of of various types of merchants to reach a cooperation for millions of cross-border electricity trading orders to provide risk protection, the cumulative coverage of nearly millions of consumers, protect the turnover of billions of, has recently been with a number of large-scale cross-border electric industry partners to reach a deep strategic cooperation. Bean bag Founding team from the Peace, IBM, Ernst and New, PayPal and other well-known companies in the industry, there have been successful entrepreneurial experience.

CEO Pei Zhongfang has worked in Ping An insurance and IBM, participated in peace, Alipay, Lu Jin, one wallet, Minsheng Bank's various internet platforms.

Source: Sohu 2018-03-21