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Zhongan insurance and Colgate set up joint venture technology company shareholding 50%



Zhongan Insurance Technology subsidiaries operating team further expand.

Securities Times reporter recently learned that the Zhongan and Colgate-Clean Palm Lam (Hong Kong) joint venture to set up a network of clean internet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Zhongan Insurance holdings of the joint venture company 50% Equity. Jie-Zhong Network technology is only one of the 5 technology subsidiaries of Zhongan insurance.

"Insurance + Technology" strategy will support the 5-year business development of the company, the security management said in a report released in 2017.

Zhongan hold 50% shares

Zhongan Insurance set up less than 5 years in the insurance industry, not only pioneered the scene of sales of the new insurance marketing model, in science and technology investment is also very generous. The new network of clean-tech is a Sino-foreign joint venture established on December 26, 2017, with a registered capital of USD 3 million. Shareholders are the public security (Shenzhen) Life Technology Co., Ltd. and Colgate-palmolive (H.K.) Holding Limited, the two sides respectively hold the net technology 50% shares. One of the shareholders of the Zhongan technology is one of the 6 companies set up in 2017 by the Zhongan of all the company's wholly-owned subsidiary public Security Information Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongan Technology") was launched.

Foreign shareholders are Colgate Palm Lam Hong Kong company. At present, there is no clean public network technology specific business information.

State Enterprise Credit Information Publicity system shows that the network of clean-tech business scope includes network technology, computer science and technology in the field of technology development, technical advice, daily necessities, cleaning supplies wholesale. Jie public network Technology's main management team, Feng Wei as chairman, Song as general manager. The two men came from Colgate-Tan China and the security insurance.

Song has been the head of the auto business center of Zhongan insurance , and subsequently was responsible for the introduction of overseas strategic investment. Jie-Zhong Network technology is only one of the many technology companies in the insurance industry. According to the annual security report, the security insurance in 2017 through the establishment, acquisitions and other means of holding or participating in 6 subsidiaries, of which Beijing has me in Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing has me in"), all the life science and technology companies are science and technology, if combined with the public security technology and Hangzhou Enterprise network technology, as well as the newly established clean network technology, the Zhongan insurance subsidiary of the Science and technology companies up to 5.

Securities Times reporter to the Public Security Insurance advisory Public Security and Colgate set up a joint venture company and set up a number of subsidiaries for the industrial layout of the reasons, as of press, the public security has not yet responded.

The science and technology map of the Zhongan Technology has always been an important gene for Zhongan Insurance. At the beginning of the listing, the public security insurance described the business model, said in different consumer scenarios, design, provide eco-oriented insurance products and solutions.

In answer to the security insurance is an insurance company or the positioning of technology companies, CEO Chen Jing also said that the Zhongan is an insurance company, but also a technology companies. To science and technology as the entry point, the overall investment in security insurance in general insurance companies are more prominent. The company's management, in its 2017 newspaper, said it was firmly convinced that technology changed the power of insurance and continued to invest in technology research and development. Annual report shows that the public security insurance 2017 research and development investment of 518 million yuan, including insurance sector research and development investment 387 million yuan.

As of December 31, 2017, there were 1385 engineers and technicians, representing 54.5% of the total number of employees in the company. To comb the development path of the establishment of the public security insurance, we can see that the public security insurance from the initial use of the shareholders Internet platform to achieve the scene of sales, to build a multi-partner, multi-platform online ecosystem, and continue to gradually products to the vertical field of the electric business platform and offline retail platform extension.

In this process, setting up a subsidiary of Science and Technology becomes an important link to perfect the layout of insurance technology.

However, the threshold of technology input and application transformation is quite high, the level of technology input of public security insurance can support its development ambition, still need time to test.

Source: Securities Times 2018-04-19