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Insu-Tech promote the increase of property insurance premium



2018 1 Quarterly Insurance premium income data issued, the first 3 months of this year, the insurance industry achieve a premium income of 309 billion yuan, Year-on-year-11.2%, there has been the first time over the past year, the negative growth of the industry as a whole under pressure.

Under this circumstance, the property insurance industry has bucked the trend, and the premium rate of the property insurance industry has risen by 13.76% in 2017 after a successive decline in the previous three years. In the first 3 months of this year, the figure rose again to a higher level of 17.27%, a record high in recent years. It is noteworthy that one of the Internet insurance companies outstanding performance, in addition to Yian Property, the Insurance in the first quarter of the annual growth rate of premiums of the three Internet insurance companies of the Zhongan , Taikang online, Anxin exceeded the industry average in the first quarter of the annual growth rate of premiums, the Zhongan grow 115%, Yian rapidly grow to 400%, Taikang online's growth ratio reached 17.65%.

By April this year, the emerging Internet insurers continued to grow in the first quarter, with growth rates steadily rising.

Continued growth continues

In the first quarter of 2018, the premium growth of four Internet insurance companies was particularly eye-catching in the insurance company. First Quarter of 2018,the Anxin insurance premiums amounted to 280 million yuan, maintained a super 400% growth rate, Taikang online achieve the premium income of 376 million yuan, up 17.65% year-on-year, the growth is slightly higher than the industry average. As a pioneer and leader of Internet insurance, the first quarter of the Zhongan premium income reached 2.218 billion yuan, to achieve 115% year-on-year growth.

Yian, a slightly slower growth rate of 9%, the premium income of nearly 300 million yuan. In the same period of 2017, Zhongan Insurance, Taikang online, Yi ' an Insurance, An'xin Property, the four Internet insurers are more than 60% of the growth rate. In the first quarter of 2017, the insurance premium income was 1.03 billion yuan, which grew by 70.5% compared with the revenue of 604 million yuan in the second quarter of 2016.

Taikang online access to 319 million yuan of premium income, the growth rate of 98.4%, Yi ' an insurance premium income of 274 million yuan, growth of nearly 100%, peace of mind insurance premiums for 54.13 million yuan, up 99.97% per cent. In April, Internet insurers continued their growth momentum for the first quarter, with growth rates steadily rising.

In April, the internet insurance company continue strong growth momentum, shows no signs of stagnation. In 4 Internet insurance companies, the Zhongan first release announcement on the May 18 night that its April income premiums reached 840 million, an increase of 64%.

Some people in the insurance industry said that the trend of Internet insurance has accelerated its own Matthew effect, with the brand, resources, cost, service advantages of the insurance companies in the fierce competition in the Internet insurance market, the advantages further highlighted, more easily favored by consumers, to get more market share.

Then how the major Internet insurance companies to improve their own advantages, in the increasingly fierce market environment in an invincible position? From the current situation, playing a good "insurance + technology" combination of boxing is the key.

The era of "insurance technology" has come It is worth noting that insurance technology is not only the secret secrets of emerging Internet insurance companies, in fact, traditional insurance companies have increased the use of insurance technology. For example, as of December 31, 2017, the number of patent applications for Ping An (601318, shares) in China totaled 3030, up 262% from the beginning of the year. From the whole of the industry, thanks to insurance technology, the proportion of premium growth in the first quarter of 2018 was 17.27%, compared with the 12.69% increase in the first quarter of 2017.

This also shows that the advent of the year of Insurance technology in the 2018, the growth of premium income has brought about the strong impetus is increasingly emerging. Public security in science and technology investment has always spared no effort, 2017 in the science and technology research and development investment amounted to 518.1 million yuan, accounting for the company's total premium of 8.7%, of which the insurance plate research and development investment of 387.1 million yuan. The total number of engineers and technicians in the company accounts for more than 50% of the employees. With the current hot internet companies do not have a second quality, the opening has been basically completed in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, block chain, cloud computing, large data, such as the layout of 7 major technology sectors, industrial ecological coverage insurance, banking, consumer finance, Internet finance and many other application areas.

So technology investment is transforming into a considerable market return--2017 years, the health, consumer finance and automobile in the three emerging ecological areas have achieved substantial growth, as the general security of the overall business scale of the new engine.

It can be foreseen that in the future, with the deepening of the insurance technology application scene, the technological revolution of the ecological value chain of the insurance industry will be closer to each person's life reality.