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World Cup stars primed for peak insurance



Top stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will be insured for over £150million each when they step out for their respective opening games of the World Cup in Russia.

Leading insurers Beazley say security risks will be heightened during the competition and have laid out a series of other high-profile concerns ranging from cyber attack to cancellation and kidnap.

e9f336d2-42f3-42e5-84a7-3c2c0a49b9ca-640x457.pngLionel Messi could be insured for up to £150m at the World Cup (Dave Howarth/PA)

Cover against tournament cancellation, which includes the subsquent loss of television rights and sponsorship opportunities, is reported to be in the region of £1bn.

World football governing body FIFA has said it is fully confident in Russian security measures for the World Cup, with the organisation’s head of security Helmut Spahn declaring himself “extremely satisfied” earlier this week.

Source: Press Association 2018-06-11